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  • Phage Biotech Ltd is among a handful of pioneers in the field of Phage Therapy – Targeted Bacterial Eradication – Nature’s way
  • Phage biotech Ltd is a contract development company specialized in Tailored Phage Bactericides for the Targeted eradication of identified bacterial strains in finite niches
  • Founded in 2000, Phage Biotech Ltd unique expertise is in development of Phage Bactericides in Health; Food Safety; Veterinary; Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fermentation
  • Phage Biotech Ltd is in possession of critical intellectual property assets positioning it as an enabling platform for critically needed and unmet needs in a range of fields and industries
  • Phage Biotech Ltd solutions present the only viable alternative to counter the expanding and escalating antibiotic-resistance crisis and hospital-acquired infections
  • In view of increasing regulatory restrictions and the phasing-out of antibiotics in animal breeding, Phage Biotech Ltd is working vigorously to offer alternative phage solutions
  • Phage Biotech Ltd develops selective anti-bacterials for improved yield and quality in fermentation industries
  • Phage Biotech Ltd markets Agriphage: phages against bacterial crop disease in Israel.

Our mission is to replace antibiotics and disinfectants where these no longer work, are inapplicable or becoming the problem itself